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A minimum principle

The hardest thing to live with girls in love. The delicate feelings of them, love it. Often hide in the quilt, quietly wiping tears wiped the tears on one or two a week. During this period, the brain like the movies, to live with his picture again and again repeat. If so, react more strongly, hardly wished to live., often have the idea of suicide. Mentality and bright girl, can not help but sad sad, but they know how clever, "men don't look back" the words of truth. The down turn down, dead to tie up hard only to each other to add more trouble. Time is healing medicine, everything will be past.
Recently, I am deeply in love with a handsome sun fellow, he be very worried about every day, every night can not sleep, be on tenterhooks, One's mind is wandering. Unfortunately, make every attempt to vindicate, that he and his ex girlfriend and the compound, which shows that I will face the test of love (in fact, is not really a relationship). That night, together after dinner, I said to him, I found that you recently very wrong here, tell us your opinion, I want to hear the truth. He hesitated, about to speak, but saying nothing, finally, he in my hard pressed to tell the truth, he make an ambiguous statement. Friendly with me, because he could not bear to see me sad, so I have to hide. At that time, I was very sad, but he smiled and said, I'm fine. He frankly admit, and seriously told me all his troubles. Finally, I also exceeding one's expectations for my own actions, do not give up, respectively, I was silently tears bless them. Besides blessing, what can I do? A minimum principle, is not to destroy the happiness of others, do not have love, love does not need to use unscrupulous divisive tactics, forgiveness and blessing is easier for them to accept the reality.
Tears like drips, one point one points, with the passage of time, one day will flow, flow. But this does not mean that the cold, sad no tears to cry is the most painful, than to suppress in the heart is more powerful. Lovelorn, girl, please remember, a good cry.
Oh! Forget I is how in a sneaky way to avoid "beans" in bed. But, . But, now, I live more chic.  

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